Preventing Mold from Growing in Your Business

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You can typically find mold everywhere. However, it prolifically grows most in wet areas with high humidity. Thus, you should be wary if you’re living in a region with these climate conditions.  

There are 3 things mold requires to survive. This includes darkness, organic material, and moisture. Without moisture, mold will not develop. Without a place to grow and food to consume, mold won’t grow and survive.  

Commercial properties are full of places that offer the ideal conditions. This is particularly true if it is a newly constructed office.  

If you haven’t used a post construction cleaning Vancouver service after a major office renovation, chances are you’re giving mold an ideal place to grow in. 

How to Avoid Mold  

  • Make sure you check the exterior side of your office to ensure water is directed away from the building’s foundation. Clean gutters and proper drainage should direct water away. This helps avoid foundation leaks.  
  • You can give mold fewer areas to hide if you keep your HVAC system clean. If you ignore this, mold will grow in vents. This will allow it to spread spores around the building easily.  
  • Another best method to prevent mold is to lower moisture levels in your office. Mold survives in dark and wet places. Run fans and install dehumidifiers to keep areas as dry as you can. You will remove one of the most crucial things for molds if you get rid of moisture.  
  • Inspect prime areas carefully. This includes door frames, windows, plumbing, roofing, and HVAC systems. Fix leaky pipes and roofs right away. Make sure door and window frames are sealed properly. 

How to Stop Mold from Growing in Your Office 

Watching for indications of mold can be difficult since mold likes to hide in areas where you cannot see it. This provides it the chance to grow unchecked in places that you do not often use.  

Your maintenance plan should include routine inspections around the building. This is particularly true for areas that have high levels of moisture.  

Reasons to Prevent Mold 

Exposure to mold can create health problems and respiratory reactions. If your employees suffer from weak immune systems, asthma, or allergies, they’ve got a bigger risk of getting affected by mold.  

In addition to that, healthy individuals can become affected if exposed to mold for a long period.  

Humidity and Mold 

Frequent precipitation mixed with high humidity in the air produces huge amounts of moisture. It also offers an appealing base for mold to thrive.  

Aside from feeding mold, high humidity also means that damp materials and puddles of water take longer to dry out. These wet areas can create mold growth of their own.  

If you do not treat them right away, they can also produce a lot of issues within your building’s structure. Aside from that, it will also affect the health of you and your workers. Thus, if you don’t want this to happen, make sure you control the humidity levels in your office and clean your office regularly.  

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