Seneca Searchers
September-October, 2000

Seneca County Sheriffs

The following list is from the WPA Index of County Archives - Seneca County, which was created during the Depression years by WPA workers.  A list such as this can be a valuable tool when searching for land records.  If land was sold at a sheriff's sale, the transaction might be indexed under the sheriff's name rather than the owner's name in the grantor index.  If you know that your ancestor owned land, and you can't find him in the grantor index, check again for a land sale indexed under the name of the sheriff who was in office at that time.

Sheriff    Term of Office

Agreen Ingraham  1824-1828
William Patterson  1828-1830
David Bishop   1830-1834
Joel Stone   1834-1838
Levi Kellar   1838-1842
Uriah Coonrod   1842-1846
Eden Lease   1846-1850
Stephen M. Ogden  1850-1854
Ephriam C. Wells  1855-1856
Jesse Weirick   1857-1860
Levi Weirick   1861-1862
Edward Childs   1863-1866
Peter P. Myers   1867-1870
John Werley   1871-1874
George D. Acker  1875-1878
Lloyd N. Lease   1879-1882
Thomas F. Whalen  1883-1886
George Homan   1887-1890
John L. Huff   1890
Alonzo Burman   1891-1894
Joseph Van Nest  1895-1896
W. Morris Shaffer  1897-1900
Albert J. Henzy   1901-1902
Henry Brohl   1903-1904
Charles Nepper   1905-1908
Philip H. Reif   1908-1912
George E. Bare   1913
Charles H. Bare   1913-1916
Charles J. Mutchler  1917-1920
Joseph W. Parks  1921-1924
A. B. Grossman   1925-1928
George A. Burkett  1929-1932
Verne F. Deats   1933-1940
George B. Steinmetz  1941-

The county sheriff was elected for a two year term until 1936 when the term was increased to the present four years.

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